Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Good Bye Sew Sweet Cottage

The winter of 2014 was incredibly hard this past year.
Most days had temps below zero and snow up to our knees, or higher.. 
I couldn't get the Sew Sweet Cottage warm enough to work in, despite all the extra insulation I added to the windows, vents and around the bottom. 

It was a hard winter for many reasons, and by Spring, we had decided it's time for us to think about moving back to Southern Michigan.. 

Because of an unexpected turn of events, we ended up doing some remodeling in our house, and in the process, added another room to my sewing space, giving me a much larger work area. 

So, my sweet little cottage was cleaned out and all the contents were moved into the house.. 

Once spring came (we weren't sure it was ever going to arrive!), I turned the Sew Sweet Cottage back into her true self... 
My husband has always worried about hauling a large trailer, so we had purchased another small, lightweight trailer we use for camping..  Because we plan on moving in the next year or so, we made the decision to sell the trailer so someone else could use her as she was intended to be used, and my husband won't have to worry about hauling her down state.. lol.. 

 Our little porch was removed..

 I renamed her "My Rolling Cottage".

Her propane tanks were put back in place...

The kitchen was transformed back into a kitchen (it had been my sewing and fabric cutting area before)
My sewing desk wasn't anything special, so we decided to go to yard sales and thrift shops, looking for something else to use.. My husband spotted this little table and chairs at a resale shop.. They were pretty rough looking and in need of a redo, but the table was the perfect size for the kitchen. 
I cleaned them up, sanded them, painted them ivory and added the stenciling, with a couple of coats of clear poly coat to seal the design.. 
The stencil design matches the stenciling on the outside of the trailer.. 
My husband also attached the table legs to the wall so the table won't move when the trailer is being towed...

The livingroom area was pretty much the same when I used it as my sewing studio, so there wasn't much to do there, other than taking down a lamp I really love, and wanted to keep for myself :o)

This area had housed shelves of fabrics when I used it as a sewing studio.. 
It was transformed back into a bedroom area.

 I always thought the little bathroom area was so cute!! 
The bathroom in our smaller trailer is teeny tiny.. Makes this one look huge. 

Tomi posed for one last picture with her...We've always thought Tomi felt the trailer was his. 

I took lots of pictures, put an ad on Craigs list, and she was sold within a week. 
Farewell Sew Sweet Cottage (AKA: My Rolling Cottage).. 
I've sure enjoyed her for the last 5 years, but know she's gone to a good home.
Enjoy her new owners!! 

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